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Next-gen AR platform - sneak peek...

In development for over 12 months, Handbuilt’s geo-contextual Augmented Reality (AR) platform is now nearing launch.

Initially focusing on the tourism sector, our software uses next-generation AR to create jaw dropping experiences in real world locations to radically influence end-user behaviour – such as encouraging visitors to visit and explore the Tarkine Rainforest to glimpse extinct animals!


YEAR: 2018

KEYWORDS: Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, AR platform

Call in the experts…

Based on research, Handbuilt identified the persuasive business benefit of phone words, and championed it with strong UX when we created the new Telstra Phonewords website.

Add in engaging animations to educate, and you can understand why our client was delighted when it scooped some serious silverware in New York.

Telstra Phonewords

YEAR: 2017

AWARDS: W3 Award (Silver) + Summit Creative (Silver)

KEYWORDS: UX Design, SVG animations, web development